Jumping rope?

Maybe your vision of jumping rope is tripping about PE class with a beaded rope and a bunch of 12 year olds. We get it. We were there too. But if you haven’t picked up a jump rope since, or you’re just afraid of looking silly at the gym, here are a few reasons why jumping rope is one of the very best exercises out there

Calorie Cooker

ery few exercises burn calories like jump rope. Even jumping at a very moderate rate burns 10 to 16 calories a minute. Work your jump rope exercise into three 10-minute rounds and you're looking at 480 calories in half an hour.

Agility and Quickness

Want to get "lighter on your feet?" When you jump rope on the balls of your feet, body connects with mind to make "neural" adjustments" to keep you balanced. Essentially, skipping rope improves your balance and quickness, coordination by making your mind focus on your feet for sustained periods of time

Bone Density

The medium impact of jumping rope increases bone density, but isn’t as hard on your joints as running because the impact of each jump is absorbed by both legs. In fact, according to some studies, the latest studies show simply jumping is one of the very best exercises for improving bone density.

Why X-Rope?

Great Cardio

Fitness, boxing, mma, or just getting in a home workout, this jump rope fits all. Used for double unders, criss crosses, high knees, and all ranges of jump rope steps that will not twist while you work.

Travel Ready

The small, lightweight jump rope is ready to go wherever you are and only requires small space to jump in without weather or location concerns


Easy to adjust using two sliding screws and collars that sets the handles at a specific length on the cable.


X-Rope is made from the highest quality materials to ensure maximum life.

About X-Rope :

Premium quality jumping rope

Perfect for multiple workouts and any fitness level

Adjustable for all heights

Handles are durable and comfortable

Bonus carrying bag included

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